My new home…

Hello people…just wanted to point out that i will be contributing blog posts to Do Not Feed The Bloggers.Hit the link and pay a visit…i promise you your mind will be BLOWN……and prolly grossed out once you see Aggrey’s Post….

*cinammon flavoured gum is BLEARGH!!!


Teh laziest man in teh world!!!

Yeah! I know I haven’t been posting for a long while but today I think I will bring an end to my posting laziness.

This morning I just learnt that I have been forcibly conscripted into the Standard Chartered annual marathon for the……wait for it…..10 km walk (*gasp*)….ignore the fact that it may be the shortest and easiest course event at the whole marathon thing…..10 KILOMETRES??ON FOOT?? Who does that willingly??Who is it that would think willingly torturing your body with 10 Kilometers of walking/jogging/running is a good idea???The longest distance I travel on foot  is normally the well trodden path between my room and the fridge…..and you take this sloth with the comparable fitness of a pregnant pig and expect him to cover 10 kilometers like he is some chicken boned Rift Valley-an (lookie I made a new word :D)!

I also learned that the same people who conscripted me to this event have been trying to attain fitness (quite an alien word to me I assure you. I’m not even sure I even spelled it right :p) for the past few weeks in preparation for this event. I definitely feel grossly underprepared but I’m not willing to take steps to correct this as it would require me to actually exert effort and that will make me break sweat….

Imagine my horror when I discovered the race starts at some ungodly hour on Sunday morning (pardon the pun)….I mean, who gets up before 10 on a Sunday morning???Despicable…..

That said I am writing this with the air of a man writing his last letter home before the final war he doesn’t think he will survive. I shall not go down without fighting for my survival and have extensively studied the route map and noted the location of all water stations and toilets and more importantly First Aid stations (note to self : Ask if they have inhaler medicine refills).

Here’s to hoping that at least the trail car finds my remains if I do not survive this walk of suicide and get there before the damn vultures do….I’d rather go to the grave in my  entirety (unfit and all).

If I don’t make it, @deenmeister can have my porn collection. My PC goes into the grave with me……(if there is such a thing as resurrection I will be needing my fix of Call Of Duty ASAP)….

*Michael Bay is The.Greatest.Director.Evar

Friends and Pee

Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings. – by some random perverted dude

Yeah ive never been much of a social person but despite that, i have always treasured the few close friends i have (comprised of more social misfits).

I guess cos we may have similar anti social behaviour, we end up totally hitting it off socially (still with me?)

We are the type who try to blend into the background tapping away on our portable devices during social events manipulating our multiple web identities (another thing we have in common) and social networks.

What i mean to say is that in this group of buddies we happen to share the same hermitical (is that even a real word ?) traits. I trust them completely and a few of them helped me out some months back from a really sticky situation.They probably are the people who know me best and i truly appreciate them.

(This entry is ripped from my journal from 2 years ago and was never intended to be a public blog entry but heck i love my buddies and i just want it out there.Its mostly unedited btw.)

**do you like brownies?i love those!!!!!

Hello World! (couldnt come up with a better heading)

Today I finally got round to doing something I’ve wanted to do for years but never got round to doing……Start a frickin blog and burden the world with my oft unwanted point of view.

Oh i know people call themselves random alot but i unashamedly declare myself the randomest pessimistic optimist…..
i will post entries from my old journal when im in the mood or bang out whatever comes to mind (you can tell this is one of them).
Sure hope you enjoy my future entries (hopefully better structured than this weird intro). yes even I think this entry is weird…..
Oh before i sign out let me drop a randomity that will be characteristic of all or most of my entries..(im lazy so i emphasise on most)

**i like pie